The Transport Control module enables you to minimise the cost of transportation which is probably your greatest single controllable cost.
Mill Wheel Systems Transport Control Image
Mill Wheel allows users to allocate orders to specific trucks and these details are passed to the process control system to improve the efficiency of vehicle loading. When allocating trucks to vehicles, useful notes about customers are displayed to facilitate the process.

Information relating to expected intakes is sent to the process control system and faxed or e-mailed to the intended supplier of the raw materials. Upon arrival, the driver simply quotes a planned load number and Mill Wheel co-ordinates the Laboratory and process control systems to ensure  that the correct materials are at their destination.
Full details of all loads in and out are maintained. Many complex and varied costing rules can be accommodated to enable the production of self billing invoices for hauliers, removing the requirement for your clerical staff to check haulier invoices.

In instances where the Purchase and Nominal ledgers are integrated within the Mill Wheel  system it is possible to provide very detailed vehicle costing reports including  cost per mile and cost per tonne.
Even greater accuracy can be achieved by linking to time clocks to keep track of driver costs and also by linking to the Preventative Maintenance and Spares modules if vehicle servicing is done in-house.