The Preventative Maintenance module enables you to run effective maintenance programmes.
Mill Wheel Sysytems Preventative Maintenance Image
The system is used to set up a maintenance schedule for each of the elements within each line in the plant to be carried out every so many weeks and facilities are available to show the total work load each week to enable a balanced schedule to be established. Before commencing maintenance tasks, the system prints a history of jobs carried out on the relevant item, together with a summary or any alarms raised by the Process Control system in respect of the given item of plant. As each maintenance job is completed, the system records time spend, activities undertaken and consumables and parts used for the job.
The module links to the payroll system to record hours for fitters. Details of spares used are recorded by the integrated stock control and Plant Spares module.

Comprehensive reporting facilities can highlight any items of plant requiring disproportionate amounts of repair time so that they may be considered for renewal.