The Formulation Control module allows the user to organise the storage of formulations and direct them to the process control system. It is also used to create labels for printing on bags or despatch documentation.
Mill Wheel Systems Formulation Image
Typically formulations are created on PCs using industry standard least cost programs. These are then imported to Mill Wheel with full version control and can be subsequently directed to the process control system when required. This allows for a full historical comparison of both raw material and nutritional content of formulations to be made.

Labels are produced within the Labelling module which links to the Formulation Control module. Valid combinations of base formulations and additive formulations are controlled. Label information is printed on despatch documentation and bag labels, and may also be sent to on-line labelling systems or on-line weigh-bridge systems.
Reports available include ‘equivalents’ lists and different formulations for similar products as well as sentence usage analysis.

When linked to the Purchasing and Production modules, full formulation costing is available highlighting differences between formulated and actual costings.