The Labelling module provides total flexibility in the production of statutory declarations and  can provide the key to full traceability of finished products.
Mill Wheel Systems Labelling Image
Default information relating to raw material inclusion is set up by the Formulation module and sentences can be included automatically depending upon raw materials or additives.

Facilities exist for the mass updating of declared nutritional content of product groups to facilitate the changeover between summer and winter feeding.
Label information is printed on despatch documentation and optionally sent to on-line labelling systems or to on-line weigh-bridge systems. The raw material content of statutory declarations is allocated dynamically at time of printing to reflect the current formulation.

Reports are available to show lists of labels in which given sentences are included.

As an aid to full traceability, it is possible to link palletisers into the system and automatically allocate unique ‘packing run numbers’ to each batch of bagged product. The pallet run numbers are printed on each bag label and these are recorded as each bag is sold. The  PRNs may also printed as bar codes to facilitate capture of this information on point of sales systems. The pallet run numbers are also printed on large labels to be attached to individual pallets of bagged finished product. Stock control is operated at the packing run number level.