The Sales Order Processing module provides timely and efficient processing of sales orders.
Mill Wheel Systems Sales Image
Orders may be input manually or accepted automatically via e-mail or the Internet. The system facilitates the identification of customers and simplifies repeat orders. All types of pricing structures are accommodated and every order is subject to credit status checks. Combinations of products and additives are verified and checked against available prescriptions. Orders which have been suspended will be released automatically upon entry of a valid prescription.
Details of orders may be sent to the Production Control module for use in the creation of production schedules.

Vehicle allocation can be carried out automatically or manually and details of planned loads are sent to the process control system if it is controlling the loading of vehicles. Details may be passed to third party truck loading programs if required.

Actual despatch may be notified by the process control system, linked weigh-bridges or manually. At the time of despatch, comprehensive despatch documentation is produced together with invoices if required.

Invoices may be processed either immediately or on a daily/weekly/monthly basis by the Mill Wheel Financial Ledgers or passed to third party ledgers if desired.

A wide range of reporting is available including  order history by customer, product, rep  etc., despatched tonnage reports, orders despatched but not invoiced, orders awaiting credit clearance, orders awaiting prescription, DARD/MAFF/DOA statistics and margin statistics.