The Marketing and Telesales module is designed to optimise your marketing effort.

Lists of prospects can be obtained from a number of sources and can easily be imported into Mill Wheel to provide a starting point.
Mill Wheel Systems Marketing And Telesales Image
Information relating to prospects and existing customers is categorised into a number of areas such as sheep, dairy, pigs, arable etc. allowing individual marketing campaigns to be focussed an the relevant section. Names and addresses are exported from Mill Wheel into a PC based mail merge system to enable letters, faxes or e-mails to be sent to the targeted audience. The dates of the campaigns are recorded so that follow up action can be managed.
Each category of information holds pertinent information such as herd sizes, current suppliers and space for user-notes. Extremely powerful search criteria enable selections of prospects and/or customers to be brought together for further analysis.

Full information can be recorded of any telephone calls or meetings and ‘next action’ dates set so that daily tasks lists can be produced for individual operators.

By merging prospects and customers (who can also be considered as prospects), the user always has an up to date picture of the order pattern of customers. Equally importantly, you also have details of the customer’s payment record and credit status.

Within the Marketing module, predictive ordering searches allow you to establish customers who would normally be expected to order within a given time frame.