The software we produce encompasses all areas of information management within the animal feed compounding business and grain trading. It is extremely flexible and enables us to provide a system which is totally configured to your specific requirements, rather than using standard packages which are meant to suit all mills. The modules are available individually and can be enhanced by the addition of further modules as your business develops. Running on industry standard hardware helps to minimise the overall cost of the system.

We have experience in building links to all systems and machinery to reduce the number of clerical tasks to be undertaken by your staff. This also eliminates unnecessary errors caused by double entry of data.

Mill Wheel Systems were pioneers in the discipline of ‘data warehousing’ which involves collecting all information on a central database. This enables all data to be used in the decision making processes. It is interesting to do a review of all spreadsheets in use within an organisation. By inference, each of these contain data which somebody considers important to the functioning of the business, so why isn’t this available to everybody?

Our annual support charges are the lowest in the industry and have proved to be a major source of cost saving for our customers.